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Roger Rabbit with mallet by jamesgannon Roger Rabbit with mallet by jamesgannon
(2010) Roger Rabbit, with his usual look of innocence, trying to conceal a comically large toon mallet behind his back. Perhaps this is the kind that has the spring-loaded boxing glove concealed inside?
I drew this because I was sitting at my desk one day and said to myself "I want to draw Roger Rabbit, damn it!" So I did. The part of the drawing that gave me the most difficulty? His left ear (his left side, not yours).
My personal critiques:
-His tail is too high up on his back.
-His overalls aren't as oversized as they should be.
-His hair just doesn't feel right to me.
-I originally tried drawing him with both hands in front, stretching the suspenders of his overalls out, but couldn't get the hand positions right. So I changed one hand to a "thumbs up" gesture, which was close to how it was in the first design, and decided to give his other hand something else to do, thus the concealed weapon was added.

Upon watching his second animated short "Tummy Trouble" again, I noticed that the mallet he uses to apply "anesthetic" to himself is identical to what I drew for him here. Unintentional, but did my mind recall this subconsciously from my memory?
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April 26, 2010
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